Harvest Homecoming 2013

What is now over a week of events began as a three-day “Pumpkin Festival,”

a civic effort by the Tourism Bureau of the New Albany Chamber of Commerce. It is now run exclusively by Harvest Homecoming, Inc., a non-profit organization fully operated by volunteers and sponsors.

Honored by the Library of Congress Bicentennial Local Legacies Project in 2000, Harvest Homecoming, a festival drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors to New Albany, Indiana, has been thriving and growing for 46 years. The festival was conceived as a means of bringing the people of Southern Indiana together to share in its wealth of talent, historic background and beauty.

Join 100% Poly at the New Albany Amphitheater for a night of fun and great music.

The line-up is:

  • Rob Marlin and Jeremy Seabot @ 6:30
  • J.D. Shelburne @ 7:30
  • Juice Box Heroes @ 8:45
  • 100% Poly @ 10:15

Cost of admission is only $5.00!

We hope to see you there!